August 8, 2012

Better Late Than Never

So I'm going to play catch-up here...

In the last six months, the Schneiders packed up and left their very cozy living situation in Hooper and moved into our very first home in Harrisville!!!

One day (not today) I will post inside photos of our home, once we get everything looking decent and pretty, like we want it to look. We're in a nice little cul de sac, with nice neighbors, and a great ward! We also live right around the corner from the Hodges :)

Jema has loved having her freedom to roam around the house and run around the yard!
Can you tell she LOVES the new house?!

So I'd be lying if I said we moved into our home and everything has been peachy-keen...
We've had a few minor issues here and there with the plumbing, keeping up the yard with no sprinkling system, and all else that comes, and is expected, of being a home owner.

BUT... no one explained to us that when we bought a house and move into our new home that we would be properly welcomed by the SKUNK committee!
That's right. You read correctly. On the eve of May 5, Jace's birthday, we had just said our prayers and settled down to bed when we heard a commotion outside and slowly started to smell the most awful of smells. To our dismay, some neighborhood dogs had cornered a skunk right next to our fresh air intake vents! And let's just say that when a skunk is cornered and frightened, it lets out anything BUT fresh air! So to make an awful story short, we were put out for a week while we battled the smell that forced us out of our home with only the clothes on our backs.
Just SOME of the items that reeked of skunk: Mattress, carpets, bedding, sofas, Jace's guitar, all our clothing, inside cabinets and closets.
You get the point. EVERYTHING we owned had a lovely skunky essence! As far as we know, with much sweat and tears, and four months later, the odor is gone. Or maybe we have just become accustomed to the smell...?

So if we see you on the street and you cover your nose and avoid eye contact, we'll understand...

On to happier news... WE'RE PREGO!!! And the best part, we're having a bouncing baby BOY!!! One girl and now, a boy... Jace couldn't be more proud! Our sweet lil' bun in the oven is expected November 30th and his name is Jackson Emery Schneider :) I am currently 23 weeks and the baby is about a foot long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango) for those of you who follow BabyCenter... ha ha!

Jack @ 20 weeks

Oh, and I can't leave out any Jema news... just an update, Jema is CUTER THAN EVER!!! She counts to 10, in English AND Spanish (thanks to the many many episodes of Dora the Explorer), she can sing her ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and I Am A Child of God (mommy's favorite), all on her own! I am one proud momma! She is running, climbing, talking up a storm, and being super adorable! Jema is already so loving to her baby dolls... she'll rock them, feed them, take them for rides in their stroller, kiss and love them... Jace and I cannot wait to see her in action as a Big "stister" as Jema says ;)

That about sums it up... we moved into a new home, we moved out of our new home, and then back into our new but stinky home, I'm growing a mango in my belly, and Jema is a complete sweetheart :)
And FYI... yes, Jace is STILL in pursuit of Big Foot! Ha ha ha!

I know it took six months to update the blog and it's "better late than never" but "never late is better" I'll try to keep up! Until next time, folks...

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  1. I'm so happy and excited for you guys! I didn't know you guys found out it was a boy! Congrats! Jack is like my favorite boy name ever! Glad to see you guys are doing well and we need to get together soon. It's been far too long.